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Experience the beginning

From the formation of the galaxies to the first breath of man, experience creation as if you were really there. 

Feel the power

Step into the Ark and feel the power of the Almighty as He purged the earth of its evil and closed the door on all but a chosen few. Then look on with Noah at the new earth that lie just below the depths of the receding waters - an earth of new hope and possibility!

Witness the Redemption

Grasp the continual struggle of mankind and learn what went wrong and how we can avoid the same mistakes. And witness the endless love of an Awesome Creator as His story of redemption is revealed again and again!

Our prayer

Our prayer is that THE ADVENTUM becomes an inspiring and captivating resource for families that not only ignites a hunger to read the Scriptures, but also sparks intrigue, excitement and a deeper love of our awesome God.

3 Reasons your family needs the adventum

Your kids will be Energized and Motivated to learn more about what’s hidden in the Scriptures.

Creates a powerful curiosity in your family to dive deeper into the Bible and discover the truths for yourselves.

Your kids will be eagerly waiting to “turn on” their hearts and minds to stories that reinforce the truths of the Bible.


The children were spellbound! I honestly can’t remember a time when they’ve been so attentive to anything we’ve played for them!

Richard S.

This was SO much better than I expected...and the scene with Adam and Eve melted my heart.

Katie L.

My kids loved it. They wanted more!

Jennifer K.

By the end of the first episode, one child was standing by the speaker. By the middle of the 2nd episode all of my children were standing by the speaker. This dramatic expression and script are wonderful. We so look forward to listening to more!

Lisa C.

 I loved how it opened up opportunities for conversations about God's Word and to answer questions that my children had.

Kaitlyn G.

Oh my! This is amazing! All four kids loved everything about them. We can’t wait to hear the next one!

Amiee R.

My children said it is the best audio (Bible) drama they have ever heard!

Melinda G.

  • An accurate living exposition of Scripture. Each episode helps one to sense what it might have been like to have been present in the great stories of the Bible. Well done!

    Dr. Dan Bohannon Th.D, Pastor

  • All were in wonder. All were stimulated to discuss the Scripture intelligently and passionately. I give my highest recommendation!

    Pastor Chris Mittan


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