The Adventum, Volume 1

Deeply immerse yourself in God’s story of redemption from the very first moment that God spoke the universe into existence. Feel the sheer delight of Adam walking with his Creator in the Garden. Begin to grasp the first couple’s emotional pain of spiritual separation after the fall. Experience the mixed emotions of Noah and his family when God supernaturally shut the Ark door. Imagine Abraham’s euphoric relief when God provided a ram to be sacrificed in place of Isaac. 

Witness the stage being set for the entire Bible as each captivating story of Genesis unfolds!

  • Approx. Playing Time: 4+ Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

Customer Reviews

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Volume 2

I have listened to both volume 1&2, now, previewing it for my grandkids and to recommend to others who teach children. I love all of the stories, and I'm very impressed. The only issue I have is that Volume 3 won't be available until next year. I can't wait! Thank you and may God bless this great effort to bring the Bible to life - and not just for children. Adults will love this, too. I certainly do.

well done

we have been enjoying listening to the cd's in the car. The stories are engaging and capture our interest. My daughter said that they were like the "chronicles of narnia' cd's that Focus on the Family did.


Love it!

Good Listening

I like the animated rendition of the scriptures. Today our kids have lost the 'art' of listening so this is a good way to help them reclaim it. I only wish that scripture references would be indicated on the disks so if a teacher wanted to, a script could be printed out. Thanks for your work!

Well Done!

I am thoroughly impressed with The Adventum. The stories have excellent acting, music, and other sound effects. The script ties in some imagination to make the Bible come to life while remaining theologically sound on key concepts. My children (ages 5, 4, and 3) enjoy listening, and so do I. Well done!