A. THE ADVENTUM is a new, fictional audio-adventure epic – a series of gripping, immersive, and realistic adaptations that imagine the greatest stories of the Bible as if you were there!

Q. Is THE ADVENTUM an Audio Bible?

A. While THE ADVENTUM is NOT an audio Bible, it is a believable blend of creative fictional adaptations based on the written account of God’s Word. It stays true to the themes and characters of the Bible. Somewhat like a church play, it stirs the imagination and helps listeners identify with the humanity of Bible heroes of the past. It stays true to the characters of Scripture, and where the voice of God is used, it’s taken directly from Scripture verbatim (NKJV and NIV).

Q. What is the objective of THE ADVENTUM?

 Our three-fold objective is to:

  1. Identify with Bible heroes of the past – real people with real struggles – much like us.   
  2. Stir the imagination and create a deep sense of wonder about the stories of the Bible. 
  3. Ignite a hunger to study God’s Word.   

Q. What is the theme of THE ADVENTUM?

A. God’s story of redemption

Q. How do I listen to THE ADVENTUM?

A. You can enjoy THE ADVENTUM as a digital download or a 4-CD Volume.

Q. How long is THE ADVENTUM?

A. Each Volume is approximately four hours

Q. Who is THE ADVENTUM produced for?

A. THE ADVENTUM was written and produced for the entire family to enjoy!

Q. What Bible versions do you use when you quote scripture?

A. When passages from Scripture are quoted, they are either from the New King James or the NIV versions of the Bible.

Q. Has THE ADVENTUM been theologically reviewed?

A. Prior to finalizing the script, THE ADVENTUM was thoroughly reviewed, edited and vetted by trusted, highly qualified, Biblically-based, evangelical pastors and Christian leaders.

Q. How do you handle the voice of God?

A. When the voice of God is used, it’s always taken directly from Scripture verbatim (NKJV and NIV).

Q: How can we help?

A. There are two ways you can help as we introduce THE ADVENTUM to the larger Christian market.

• Pray for open doors, God’s favor and receptive hearts as we present these faith-building adventures to new families around the world.

• Tell your family and friends about THE ADVENTUM