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From the awe-inspiring six days of creation to the Israelites’ miraculous exodus from Egypt, this four-volume collection spans some of the most spectacular events from the first foundational books of the Bible. Immerse yourself in over seventeen hours of gripping adaptations that imagine some of the most magnificent stories in Scripture as if you were there – Creation, the fall of man, Noah’s flood, the tower of Babel, God’s call to Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah, the story of Joseph, the ten plagues, the Exodus, parting of the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, the 10 Commandments, the Tabernacle, and so much more!

Gain a deeper sense of wonder and a hunger to go study the Scriptures as your imagination is stirred to ponder God’s remarkable plan of redemption like never before!

  • Approx. Playing Time: 21+ Hours
  • Includes (5 QTY) 4-CD Packs
  • 20 Individual CDs


Customer Reviews

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Alison Stutts
The Collection

So far, we are absolutely loving these!

Debbie G

Wonderful purchase, my kids will love these for many years

Elizabeth Hamilton
Enjoy these

I have teenagers/young adult children who enjoy these stories. They have a variety of personalities, so I was surprised that they all verbalized how they liked these!

Steph Schrolucke
Haven’t received this order yet.

Have bought all of them in the past for grandson n’ coworkers, n’ they love them. I sure I hope I get this bundle for myself soon.

Abby Rose
Highly valued by my kids!

I have 3 kiddos ages 9,8,5 who listen to Adventum in the car as we travel around. Once we arrive, the kids request (and beg) that we wait in the car until the track is over before we get out because they love it so much! They are teaching others about God’s word from the goodness they are hearing. This has blessed my family so much! I just bought the entire set!