The Adventum, Volume 4

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Imagine what it would have been like to witness the passing of the torch from the legendary Moses to the younger, but faithful Joshua. Put yourself in Joshua’s shoes as he contemplated the heavyweight on Moses’ shoulders. On one side, he hears Korah and the Israelites complaining while Moses stays steadfast to lead them into the Promised Land. On the other side is God Himself – with a righteous anger toward a rebellious people.

Despite the intense burden of leading a massive crowd of grumbling Israelite's through the wilderness, both men knew they could completely trust God’s promise to Abraham – that He would always remain faithful to His chosen people. ..

  • Approx. Playing Time: 4.5 Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

Customer Reviews

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Katie Mikesell
You need to have these!

My son, 11 1/2, LOVES these - he asks to play them every time we're in the car. They are really well done and do not stray from the Bible accounts of these stories.

I enjoy them as much as my children

These volumes have been wonderful to help the Bible come alive for my family. I desire so much that my children know and follow God’s Word, and audio drama is an exciting medium to channel that into our hearts and minds.

Great time

Fun to listen to, especially on trips

So good!

Our family loves Adventum and we are now buying them and giving them as gifts to friends and family!

Connie McCullough
Vol. 4

We haven’t listened to volume 4 yet because it’s a Christmas gift to our son, however, we’re sure it will be great just from knowing how much he enjoys listening to the first three volumes.