The Adventum, Volume 1 - 2 Bundle

Bundle and Save! Experience the first two complete volumes of The Adventum!


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Surround yourself with the first moment that God spoke the universe into existence. Feel the sheer delight of Adam walking with his Creator in the Garden. Begin to grasp the first couple’s emotional pain of spiritual separation after the fall. Experience the mixed emotions of Noah and his family when God supernaturally shut the Ark door. Imagine Abraham’s euphoric relief when God provided a ram to be sacrificed in place of Isaac

Then, in Volume 2, imagine the heavy weight on Jacob’s shoulders after receiving Isaac’s blessing. Step into his daunting journey as he carries the mantle of God’s promise! From a mysterious wrestling match to intense fear of Esau’s revenge, experience Jacob’s many ups and downs leading to an unforgettable encounter with God!

Zoom into the next generation of Israel’s 12 sons. Travel with Joseph on his overwhelming path from a perilous pit to the pinnacle of power. Feel the struggle of the Israelites as they’re forced into hard labor by a new king. And finally, witness God’s sovereign plan of redemption emerge when Moses is called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt!

  • Approx. Playing Time: 8.5+ Hours
  • Includes (2 QTY) 4-CD Packs
  • 8 Individual CDs


Customer Reviews

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My children love it 😍


the Sparkies {ages 4-7} at church in Awana were spread out across the sanctuary, laying on there back's, in near darkness,Captivated by the first audio, "it was good' , They were filled with excitement and question's, but i ran out off time to answer any, Can't wait for 'Paradise lost' next week, Thank you


My kids beg for more. We like to listen in the car but they don’t like it when we stop at our destination and they have to pause their story.

A Whole New Level!

I think that my 10 year old daughter said it best, “Wow! This takes the Bible to a whole new level!”

I do think that there is some deviation from true Biblical events such as how the story of Noah is portrayed. I had to explain to my children that the Bible tells us that everyone was safely in the Ark before God shut the door, there wasn’t a rush against the water rising.

But I do recommend these stories! They are well done and captivating!

To much of a creative license

Some of the stories really add too much creativity to it, so much so that I have had to have kids skip over some stories. Joseph and Potifers wife for example.