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N Bohan

These CD sets are the best across the board! Voices are fantastic! You totally get drawn into the stories. You feel like you are there observing all that is happening! HIGHLY recommend these!

My 7TH set I ordered.

I have been purchasing these for a few years now.
Just purchased 3 more sites for my coworkers. I told them they were ther Christmas gifts but I had to give them early.
My grandson listens to his daily before he goes to bed.
He will ask tons of questions to see if I know what he is learning when he listens to them. He also goes into his Bible to read more about the story.
I also have been listening at night as well.
Best purchase ever.
I can’t wait for Volume 4? Yep, that’s a question.

Frank N Cents
EXCELLENT ! Will buy the next in series

Wonder why FOTF never did these, but so glad Adventum did! :)

S. Wright
Discussion starter!!!

I have two teens (TEENS, mind you!!) who love dramatized stories...Adventures in Odyssey, Lamplighter Theater, Jonathan Park, Down Gilead Lane...and one of the above is playing in our household or vehicle every day. Literally. All I've listed are good! And we've had many discussions spurred from them. BUT - I so much loved what happened as we listened together to Vol. 1 of Adventum on a recent road trip. We had to keep pausing the recording to talk about things we heard! From interesting side notes brought to mind to deep questions prompted by what they'd just heard, the discussion was varied and intriguing.

I love that listening to the Bible in this format has opened up a relaxed atmosphere and an avenue for questions that may have been under the surface before...but hadn't yet been asked.

And we are all impressed by the quality and creativity of the recording!! Thank you for doing this with class and polish!! God's Word deserves nothing less than our best! And you've done a fabulous job honoring His Word.

Carla Hubbard
The Adventum Collection

It is better than I had hoped. Professionally done! Something that the whole family can enjoy.

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