The Adventum, Volume 6

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In this exciting new volume... there is a war between Israel and her surrounding enemies. But there is a much deeper battle within Israel's heart.

This was the Age of the Judges – a rebellious generation that did not acknowledge God’s loving faithfulness. Instead, they provoked the Lord’s righteous anger by continually worshipping false gods. God raises up twelve judges to lead the Israelites to repentance, but time after time they return to their wicked ways. God’s last judge, Samson, prays to be strengthened one last time and bring revenge to the Philistines. God gives him the strength to push the pillars of the pagan temple apart, crushing thousands.

Samson’s life showcases the importance of relying on God’s power, not our strength; seeking the Lord’s wisdom, not our understanding; and pursuing His will, not our own.

  • Approx. Playing Time: 4.5 Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

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Joanne Hardtke

paid no product
contacted even received am email last Tuesday that they have my funds, but no link was sent.
It’s not in the junk file either.

Edwin Rangai
Feedback on volume six of the adventum

I really like this album. However, the comedy sounded a little forced sometimes. Also, the voice of God sounded different. It sounded like the voice of God was the same actor, but the sound engineers did something different to his voice that made him sound kind of like a robot. I think I liked how the voice of God sounded better in the previous albums than in this one. also, I think it would be better if they would use Hebrew terms for parents like ABBA instead of Daddy and similar things like that. so we can really understand the Hebrew culture and context better. But overall, it was a really good album.

Jennifer D
Not as good as the rest

Although I really love the Adventum 1-5, I found this latest one a little over dramatic and kind of sappy. But overall not bad


My child loves listening to all of the stories on the Adventum CDs, and can’t wait for the next set to come out.

Zachary Kandelaki
Wonderful stories

Masterfully done, engaging, gripping. My kids love them!