The Adventum, Volume 2

Imagine the heavy weight on Jacob’s shoulders after receiving Isaac’s blessing. Step into his daunting journey as he carries the mantle of God’s promise! From a mysterious wrestling match to intense fear of Esau’s revenge, experience Jacob’s many ups and downs leading to an unforgettable encounter with God!

Zoom into the next generation of Israel’s 12 sons. Travel with Joseph on his overwhelming path from a perilous pit to the pinnacle of power. Feel the struggle of the Israelites as they’re forced into hard labor by a new king. And finally, witness God’s sovereign plan of redemption emerge when Moses is called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt!


  • Approx. Playing Time: 4.5 Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

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Robin DeWald

The Adventum, Volume 2

Dana Meeks

Love it! Thank you 🥰

We Love It !

This series captures the imagination and uses it to relay the events in God's word that might be difficult for some to grasp or get excited about or comprehend when reading straight text. The dramatization brings the characters and situations to life for the listener and builds a bridge between story and reality, making it easier for him to grasp that Bible "stories" are real history-that these events happened to living people and that the lessons in their lives and experiences are not only pertinent but crucial to us today, and that God has had a plan and purpose in every aspect of our lives, through every generation since He created us.
It's a great alternative or addition to TV and Movies and I love that it's geared to audiences of all ages (not just young children).
My son and I recently found this series and have been enjoying it ever since. We've listened to them multiple times and have shared them with others. We're so thankful for this project and we're waiting on the edges of our seats for the next volume!

EXCELLENT! Thank you.

I have a lot of free time to watch or listen to something, but this world is too ungodly, so I can only entertain myself with limited choices. I love The Adventum, because it is a movie, a story, and The Word! When I read the bible, this helps to reinforce what I'm reading. I reccomend this for adults and children both. Even non believers would enjoy the captivating sounds, and voices.


Just moves you to tears. What an amazing way to use technology, just wonderful. My kids like it too. We listen on way to school.