The Adventum, Volume 2

Imagine the heavy weight on Jacob’s shoulders after receiving Isaac’s blessing. Step into his daunting journey as he carries the mantle of God’s promise! From a mysterious wrestling match to intense fear of Esau’s revenge, experience Jacob’s many ups and downs leading to an unforgettable encounter with God!

Zoom into the next generation of Israel’s 12 sons. Travel with Joseph on his overwhelming path from a perilous pit to the pinnacle of power. Feel the struggle of the Israelites as they’re forced into hard labor by a new king. And finally, witness God’s sovereign plan of redemption emerge when Moses is called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt!


  • Approx. Playing Time: 4.5 Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

Love it! Listen over and over

Captivating portrayal of Old Testament Bible Stories

I am 57 years old and can not get enough of these CD's! These keep me company every morning driving to work. I listen to them over and over. Amazing dramatization! The orchestration put into this keeps you enthralled in the story and leaves you hungry for more!
Great job!

Riveting drama and perfected sound engineering.

We love it! My 11 year old has grown up with Bible drama stories and these are spectacular!! When you can hear the wings flap of an angel! 🙌🏽 You don’t need to be watching it because your imagination has taken over. It has enriched our love for the Biblical stories. He keeps asking if they will at least finish the Old Testament. I hope so I assure him. I pray so!


My grandkids love this series of CDs

It’s worth the investment!

I have purchased everything they’ve had available to listen to on CD in the car it started out for the kids but honestly it’s very entertaining when you’re driving down the road by yourself the characters the activity it’s like a movie playing in your mind while you’re driving and learning about God the adventum Was remarkable it literally brought the Bible to life for me and I’m 52 and I’ve been a Christian for many many years I’m a kid at heart and I absolutely love these